Day 14- Driving into Salt Lake City!

Day 14: The Salt Flats

Today we woke up a little chilly but excited to head towards the home of the Mormons!!

We started from where we left off in Yosemite Park and loaded up the vehicles. Along the way we made many stops, such as the Safeway and multiple rest areas. 

Our last stop was the most interesting. We stopped at one of the many salt lakes in Utah. Josh announced to the bus that we had to lick the salt and we all thought he was joking until we walked down to the lake. 

Many of us were hesitant at first but due to Adam taking pictures everyone licked the salt. 

After that we drove a little longer to our campsite, the Desert Peak Complex. We were excited to take showers and open mail from our families.


Tomorrow we will head into Salt Lake City to go shopping!!!