Day 8-Santa Monica, CA

Day 8: Santa Monica


Hi America! We are the Sleepy Group, your new bloggers!!! This group consists of:

 Ethan Balkum, Colby Dennis, Olivia Ensalaco, Tristan Harrell, Konnor Hill, Sarah Johnson, Jack O'Tuel, Caroline Ogden, Amelia Pettigrew, Abby Poindexter, Elsa Schuls, Katie Slaughter and Megan Vahey

We started the day off bright and early (or just early) and left Las Vegas around 1 a.m.  We drove through the night to Santa Monica. The majority of participants crashed for the night on the bus and vans but a few were chosen to act as co-pilots and help keep the drivers awake and alert.  

We arrived at the beach around 7a.m, but many of us were too tired to move.  Unlike the hot, dry climate of New Mexico, the California beach was cold and foggy.  

Throughout the day we walked on the pier and in downtown Santa Monica, warming up as the sun eventually came out.  Some of us laid down on the beach and some swam in the extremely cold Pacific Ocean.  

Addyson and Shelby were very proud that they co-piloted the overnight drive and were still awake for Santa Monica!

Nate took some of us out for sushi!

Josh finally crashed for just a minute after working hard to keep everyone else awake.

After our day on the beach we left for Anaheim RV Trailer Park near Disneyland around 3p.m. we’ll be sleeping here for the next two nights.  

Our friends, the grumpy group, took our vans downtown in Anaheim to get washed. Obviously it was a very serious event.

After a delicious dinner of grilled cheese, fruit, and salad, we watched Disneyland’s firework show from our campsite. After the firework show, we all rushed to bed because we were all excited for Disneyland the next day. 

Thanks for reading!! Tomorrow we will be in Disneyland.

Day 7- Las Vegas


Today we woke up again at the Grand Canyon. We were told we could sleep in a little, but unfortunately we were awoken by the crows yelling in our campsite. We enjoyed a french toast breakfast made by our grumpy group. We had a quick meeting with our counselors after breakfast and quickly loaded up our vehicles to head to UNLV!!

Still recovering from the Canyon!

Macy Long beating everyone on the bus in a game of "slaps"!

At UNLV, we conducted our Vegas Chant contest, where groups work together to come up with a song/skit to express spirit and their feelings about the trip so far!

The Happy Group!!

The Sneezy Group!!

The Dopey Group!

The Grumpy Group!

The Bashful Group!!

The Sleepy Group!

The Grumpys won the competition, but everyone did great!! We all had a fun time and accurately portrayed our feelings about the trip.

After we finished our chants at UNLV, we met in Caesar's Palace for a picture (we had a random kid run into our photo!!) before running out to explore Vegas on our own. We had a good few hours of free time before returning to our vehicles to start the overnight drive to Santa Monica.

We met at 12:30 to depart Vegas on our overnight drive towards Santa Monica. We had a co-pilots to keep our drivers awake and everyone worked together on their shifts to get the drive done. It was successful!!

More pictures to come later!!