Day 22- Kentucky

Day 22- Kentucky

The Grumpy group is grumpy about reporting the second to last day!!

This morning we woke up at 6 AM to the counselors singing to us. We packed up our things and loaded up the bus to go to Churchill Downs. In route to the home of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky we had bagels with regular or strawberry cream cheese. At the Kentucky Derby we were given a tour around the arena and behind the scenes. 

Hey, Elsa!

Elise Aldridge presented her research on Churchhill Downs!

Adam Weber told us all about the state of Kentucky.

             After leaving Churchhill Downs, we had lunch and we were ecstatic to have PB & J’s again.  We stopped at a car wash to prep the bus and vans for when we get home. During the car wash we worked on skits for our talent show. 

After our car wash, we headed to the first original KFC to get some fried chicken!!! We enjoyed green beans, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes as our sides. Most of us were fortunate enough to get a picture with the colonel and get a T-shirt.

Hey, Elsa!

"Veg" Meg ate chicken!!!!

            Afterwards, we made our way to the Levi State Park, where we dropped our stuff and made some finishing touches for our skits in the talent show. Meg’s parents were kind enough to give us a sweet treat of animal crackers and ginger ale to get us hyped up for the big show!

We were selected randomly to decide the order of the performances, where each group showed us what they thought the TWB experience was like!!!

The Bashful group went first!!!

Sweet Home Carolina!!!

The Dopey group was next and reenactment of the trip!!

The Grumpies (us) went next with a bus scene!!

The Happy group went next and performed segments of different genres!

The Sleepy group performed a bus scene as well!!

The Sneezy group reenactment several memorable moments from the trip!

Our winning group ended up being the Dopeys!!!! Not only did they win the performance, but the overall scoring throughout this entire trip as well!! We ended the night on a sweet note with one last group sing-along. Finally we settled down for one last night together as a family.

            Grumpy Gang, out.