Day 18-Custer, South Dakota and Mt. Rushmore

Day 18: Custer, South Dakota & Mt. Rushmore

Hiya from South Dakota!! The Happy’s are comin’ back at you for our daily blog post.

We slept in a bit this morning and woke up at 6:30 to immediately start another “bus day” traveling through Wyoming and South Dakota. Thankfully we got to sleep a bit more on the bus and most of us kept taking naps until around noon (which made us feel like teenagers again). 

As we drove through the rest of Wyoming those of us who weren’t sleeping were able to see some amazing scenery and wildlife (elk, cows and sheep?). One of our rest stops proved to be more interesting than most and we made a short hike to see Shell Falls. The vans were thoroughly entertained by Adam’s  “True stories, funny stories actually” that taught us about the amazing battles of the past, for a whole 3 hours.  After a messy but somewhat delicious meal of cold pizza wraps most of us were all majorly in need of some tide sticks at our next Walmart stop (sorry mom).

The long bus ride thankfully ended in a park in the small town of Custer, South Dakota. The cooks prepared a delicious meal of grilled cheeses, salad, tomato/chicken noodle soup AND even juice boxes, while the rest of us started practicing for the long awaited group dance competition.

Every groups dance moves seemed quite interesting, but the Happy group definitely had the coolest moves. Tomorrow is the official showdown, so until then keep your fingers crossed (don’t worry the videos WILL be posted). Unfortunately our dancing parties were ended early when a thunderstorm rolled in and almost soaked us. (NO SPOILER PICS OR VIDEOS)

The ride to Mount Rushmore was filled with rain but amazingly it cleared up just in time for us to see Rushmore and the lighting ceremony. The faces of our founding fathers were astounding and breathtaking (the ice cream wasn’t too bad either). Our spectacular bus driver Joseph even got to participate in` the ceremony as the crowd applauded his along with the rest of our great service members.

We had several people give research on different topics!! We had some catching up to do.

Albert Bright presented information on Cody, Wyoming!

Mckenna Kirkpatrick presented on the rodeos of Cody, Wyoming

Mark Bauer presented his research on Cannery Row.

Connor Pridnia told us about the Golden Gate Bridge.

Everett Tew told us all about the State of South Dakota.

Daniel LaCourse presented on Salt Lake City.

Katlyn McCoy had research on Custer, South Dakota.

Kobey Godbold told us about The Shoshone River.

Shelby Bassinger told us all about Mount Rushmore!

Abby Petry presented research on The Redwood Forrest.

Addisyn Poole Presented on Yosemite National Park.

Katie Bridges and Annisten Christensen told us about the Giant Sequoia Trees

After a day like today, you could say that we are all pumped for the Fourth of July and excited to celebrate our beautiful country. Our excitement was further amped by Katti giving us a surprising present of facemasks and a mini spa day here in Custer. 

As we wash the charcoal from our faces we’re saying goodbye and goodnight from South Dakota and hello to our pillows.  Peace out homies, from the Happiest of all Tdubers.