Day 16- Jackson Hole, Teatons, Yellowstone

Day 16: Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Grand Tetons; Yellowstone! 

Hey, guys!! It’s the sneezys! 

We woke up this morning at 5:45 freezing our booties off. RIP to our toes as well. We were a little slow to pack up our things since we couldn’t feel our fingers. Once we barely made it out of our campsite on time everyone tried to go back to sleep. But of course, Grant decided to full blast on the bus’s microphone jokes about potatoes and playing potato songs for 20 minutes - no exaggeration (What do you call a thin sliced potato? A Chip. Sadly, that was his best one). 

Anyways everyone was a bit irritated and just wanted to sleep. Once he finished we all went back to sleep and woke up to the cute town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming where we went shopping and most of us tried Bison Burgers for the first time. Everyone that tried it confirmed it was an amazing experience. (MORE PICS TO COME)

After getting back on the bus at 12 we headed to The Grand Tetons to gather in a church there for fellowship and a small sing-a-long. It was a bonding experience!!

We left the church and went to go see Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. We did a little shopping then all met at geyser to watch it erupt. 

We arrived to the geyser fields and had some research presented by Mary Mac Bradshaw, Jackson Purcell, Alexis Patterson, Ashley Kennedy, Corbin Laney and Amelia Pettigrew.

Amelia presented research on Yellowstone National Park

Corbin Laney told us about the state of Wyoming

Ashley Kennedy presented on the geysers of Yellowstone

ALexis Patterson talked to us about Old Faithful

Jackson Purcell presented on Jackson Hole

Mary Mac Bradshaw told us about the Grand Tetons

Then we went to see a couple other geysers and hot springs where we were guided by a tour guide named “Ranger Danger”. His knowledge of Yellowstone was questionable at best and he had some rather odd tendencies. 

He carried two walking sticks and his energy to move depended on being hand feed pistachios from Tristan, Braden, and Thomas. 

At one point Kobey had to give him mouth to mouth because he “passed out”. 

As we walked back to the bus Ranger Danger wanted to skip so he rolled up his shorts and Shelby helped him tie his shirt up so it was easier for him to skip to the bus. 

We are on the bus late tonight watching Shrek but many of us are excited to white water raft tomorrow as well as attend the rodeo in Cody, Wyoming!!!!

The sneezy's have concluded their time on the blog!!! Thanks for reading.