Day 19- Colorado: AF Academy, Olympic Training Center

Day 19- Colorado: AF Academy, Dance Contest!

Hey, hey, hey it’s the Happy’s coming back act you for the last time, from Colorado.

Today was another long riding day, filled with beautiful scenery and interesting conversations. After waking up at 6, to the thundering sound of a basketball hitting the gym floor, we quickly got ready and we made sure to be all decked out in our Fourth of July apparel. 

Throughout most of the morning we took naps trying to catch up on much needed sleep, as we’ve all been sleep deprived for the past 19 days. We were all woken up with the greatest words a teenager could ever hear, “Breakfast is ready!”. After a lovely breakfast of muffins, and apples many of us began making friendship bracelets, and listening to some friendly roast sessions.

After driving, we all stopped at a Flying Jay, where most bought pizza and Cinnabons. We were then treaty to the site of our director, Josh eating a Cinnabon off the parking lot ground. 

We then loaded back on the vehicles and continued driving until we reached our destinations of the Colorado Air Force Academy. After we watched a documentary on the hardships and the benefits of the Air Force. We made the short walk to the chapel, and were all amazed by the astounding beauty. The visiting strangers were just as amazed while we stood outside the chapel and acted like flying planes, fireworks and the American flag for some postcard pictures. 

The girls honored a tradition of past Tdubers and all kissed a cadet the bravely signed something he wasn’t anticipating. 

As the boys looked on some found themselves jealous and kissed Director Josh instead of the cadets.

Colorado College was our last stop today. We had a research presentations upon arrival

Macy Long told us about Colorado College

After last minute dance practice and research presentations, we had a huge treat for the Fourth of July PIZZA!!!

 After we all inhaled an amazing two slices of pizza everyone had a bit of free time for games (football, soccer, volleyball) and definitely lots of fun. 

We had a few more research presentations!!!

Logan MacQueen Presented on the state of Colorado

Richard Whitfield talked about Bridel Vail Falls

Braden Tautkus told us all about Inspirational Point

Hannah Turner presented her research on the state of California

Presley Gilliam had research on the Pacific Ocean

Melody Dennison presented on the Mormons

Makayla Ennis told us about Yosemite National Park


DANCE CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All of the dances were quite amazing and definitely entertaining, but the greatest of all were definitely the counselors and our bus driver Joseph showing us up ALL OVER the dance floor. 

But even with everyone’s hard work we still came out on top!! That’s right folks, we did it again. 

We have had an amazing time blogging for you guys these past three days. Thanks for sticking with us throughout all of our dubs. See y’all in three days!! Sending much love from Colorado and the Happy group!!