Day 17- Cody, Wyoming

Day 17: Cody, Wyoming

Heyyyyooooo!!!! It’s the Happy’s comin’ at ya from Cody, Wyoming. Your brand new awesome bloggers are Peyton Hodges, Kira Orellana, Aly Noble, Abby Petry, Matthew McConnell, Jenna Collins, Amanda Powell, Corbin Laney, Elise Aldridge, Sidney Seaford, McKenna Kirkpatrick, Alex Hayes, Presley Gilliam and, Samuel Shiles!

Today was filled with adventures as we woke up at a “late” 6:45 and made our way down to Wyoming River Tour Company. 

As we prepped ourselves for the treacherous rafting trip down the Shoshone River, groups of 9-10 jumped into rafts and quickly realized how freezing the water was. Even with the ice-cold waters everyone made it out of the 12-mile journey safely, but not without getting hypothermia in our fingers and toes. Three brave souls (Alex, Ava and, Elsa) took a chance and jumped into the river, but the cold didn’t bother them anyway and the daring feat was worth it (or so they say). 

After our short ride back to Ponderosa Campground we were surprised by a gourmet breakfast made by none other than Director Josh’s parents, the Kerns. Our first southern breakfast was filled with sausage, toast, eggs and even grits!! 

After filling our starving tummies we headed off to the laundry mats for some much needed cleaning. The rest of the afternoon was filled with napping, bracelet making, showers and even Dairy Queen.

After the eventful morning and relaxing afternoon we took off to downtown Cody and the famous Cody Stampede. Most of us modeled the $10 cowboy hats that brought out the real cowboy/cowgirl in all of us. 

Braden even splurged on some real cowboy boots (that were “only” $150). Now that we were finally ready for the Rodeo we packed into section B of the stadium. For most of us this was our first time seeing real cowboys and it was definitely not a disappointment. 

Jackson decided to take on the mechanical bull!!

Kobey decided to take a turn as well!

Braden hopped on the mechanical bull.

Logan wishing she was out there!

After about a 2-hour performance we were exhausted from today’s festivities and headed back to the campsite to write this wonderful blog and catch some zzz’s. 

Goodnight for now from the happiest of all T Dubers.


-The Happy’s <3