Day 20- Kansas

Day 20: Kansas 

Hey blog!!!! We are the Grumpies (Ali Gerig, McKenna Sutherland, Hannah Turner, Lara Prosser, Lucy Sigmon, Mary Mac Bradshaw, Hannah Ackerman, Katie Bridges, Annisten Christensen, Ethan Stoll, Connor Pridnia, Braden Tautkus, and Kobey Godbold).

This morning we were woken up at 7:15 by the song “Sweet Home Alabama” blaring through a speaker. We left Colorado College, had pop tarts and apples for breakfast, and then headed to the Olympic Training Center. 

When we arrived, we watched a short film about Olympians and their training methods. After that we toured the center and got to see some of them in action! 

Claire was picked to try out one of the wheelchairs for basketball!

Some of us even got to go into the boxing ring and witness Ethan slamming Kobey and Everett pinning down Connor. After this we traveled through the rest of Colorado and boring Kansas.

For lunch we had chicken and turkey wraps with goldfish and Capri-Sun. On the bus we watched three movies, “The Princess Bride”, “Sky High”, and “Moana.” On Miss America we had dance offs where Everett and Hollis took home the gold due to Kobey’s great DJ-ing. On Carolina Girl, wonderful Nate let us watch “Despicable Me 3” and “Jurassic Park” on his iPad. 

In the midst of Kansas, we pulled off of the highway and snapped a quick pic in front of an oilrig. We also made two other stops for potty breaks and a Wal-Mart to restock.

Finally, we arrived in Manhattan, Kansas at our campgrounds around 9:30. We had nachos for dinner and tried to sleep while the bugs ate us! 

SOS! If we aren’t here for the next blog, just know we love you all!

- Grumpies