Day 21- St. Louis

Day 21- St. Louis 

Hey blog! The Grumpy gang is back again!!!

We survived the night! Only a few beetles bothered us, along with a snake. We woke up at 6AM by Katti singing “Wakey Wakey.” After singing Julia a happy birthday, we had tortilla wraps with peanut butter, Nutella, marshmallow fluff, and bananas for breakfast. 

We went to Kansas University, where we browsed the bookstore and bought some merchandise. 

Meg Brennan presented research on University of Kansas after buying a KU Dad Sweatshirt.

Afterwards, we did some driving and made our way to the Archway in St. Louis, Missouri. On the bus, Josh called us to be jurors in the trial of Kaitlin versus Alex. The case closed with Kaitlin being proven not guilty of calling Alex the wrong name. Both vans were filled with music and singing by the passengers all day. We arrived at the Archway to the West and took in the sights!!

Caroline Ogden told us all about the Archway to the West!!

At the Archway, we split off into groups of five. We all rode up the sketchy elevators that took nearly 4 minutes to reach the top. 

On the way up some all-girl and some all-guy groups participated in the swapping-clothes challenge. 

At the top we saw one of the many breathtaking views while being yelled at by the guards at the top. 

After riding back down we all were surprised by the free concert outside the archway held by Jason Derulo and Andy Grammar. 

After dancing and crowd surfing we hopped on the vehicles and headed to camp for the night.

We finally arrived at Carlyle Lake, Illinois. For dinner, the cooks made some great chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes with eggs and sausage on the side. 

While waiting for dinner, we had a little dancing session with our portable speaker!

Then we had an awesome sing along to help bed us down tonight with more bugs.

Peace out!!
            - Grumpies