Day 15-SLC & Bear Lake

Day 15: Salt Lake City and Bear Lake

Hello, America!!!!

After a late wake up, we were woken up by the inspirational audio of Braveheart. Everyone got up and ready at record time and we set on our way to Salt Lake City!

We started our day by visiting the Mormon tabernacle!!

The coolest part was the acoustics of the church. The tour guides dropped a pin at the front of the church and you could hear it from the back of the church as if you are standing right there. 

After our tour, we went to the mall across the street, which is the largest mall in Utah. Many were hype for Chick-Fil-A and ran to be the first in line.  

The apple store was also a popular place where calls to friends and family back home were made!

Wal-Mart was the first stop made after the mall, where the cooks bought taco ingredients for dinner. After Wal-Mart, we had a scenic drive to our campsite at Bear Lake. 

We had a planned water balloon fight, but people got excited and started dumping water on each other early!!

We then had an organized water balloon toss competition on the beach of Bear Lake!!


After the contest, (almost) everyone got into the lake!

We had some people who did not want to wait in line at the showers!

We capped our night with an EPIC sing-a-long that was almost as epic as Kira's record-breaking potty day at the mall (ask her about it)!!!!

After a night of eating tacos, swimming in the lake, an epic water balloon fight, an amazing sing along and many people soaping up IN the lake, we finally got to bed!! It was a great day.

We can’t wait for our next stop tomorrow at Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

Sneezy group- out!!